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    America Pharma has created a new kind of absorbable technology called EPS (Epithelial Permeability System). EPS has a special technology that will open up the paracellular pathway in a short time to allow the nanoparticles to pass through successfully and take effect within the whole body.

    Youthgenes uses the professionally verified stem cells produced by England's Roslin Institute and Royal College of Physicians. We combine these stem cells with our EPS for better health.

    Youthgenes stem cell growth factors encourage cellular growth and multiplication, prolonging cell life and youth. There are many positive effects on the immune system, hormones, and metabolism. Youthgenes decreases the effect of free radicals and is anti-aging.

    Youthgenes stem cell growth factors can reinvigorate inactive mature stem cells, return and improve cellular function, and prolong cell lifespan. Researches show that stem cells improve rejuvenation of aging cells and allow them to fight free radicals, regulate growth hormone, and improve sleep patterns. All of which results in improved sleep quality and bodily functions.


    • Rejuvenate cells, improve metabolism, anti-aging
    • Increase energy
    • Decrease fatigue, regulate bodily functions
    • Improve physicality, regulate physiological function
    • Decrease menstrual cycle cramping, decrease effects from menopause


    Each bottle contains 5 ml. Use one bottle a week. Open the stem cell frozen serum, pour into EPS serum to mix the two together. Before consumption, swallow saliva then pour the mixture into mouth. Wait 10 seconds before swallowing with saliva. For the amount taken for different physical constitution and illness, please follow the directions of doctors or other healthcare professionals.


    Water, Myrobalan Extraction, Green Tea Extraction, Citric Acis, Chitosan, Sodium Citrate, and L-Menthol.


    Store at room temperature, between 60 and 82 degrees F (16 and 28 degrees C). Store away from heat and moisture.

    America Pharma Co. is a corporation that specializes in health supplements, cosmetics, and skin care products. Established in 1987, the Taiwan-based company has worked closely with hospitals and the healthcare industry. America Pharma Co. has developed expert knowledge on pharmaceutical products, prescription and OTC medicines, and health foods/supplements.

    America Pharma Co.
    3F-2, No. 28, Pei Pin E. RD,
    Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
    Phone: (886)-2-2394-1191
    Fax: (886)-2-2321-4384
    Email: actwinc886@gmail.com


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