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    General PDR Pharmacy Discount Card

    Q. What Is The PDR Pharmacy Discount Card?

    The PDR Pharmacy Discount Card, which is primarily distributed through your doctors' office, provides you with discounted prices on over 50,000 prescription drugs at local and chain pharmacies nationwide. The cards are FREE, pre-activated and ready to use.

    Q. Who Is PDR?

    PDR, publisher of the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) is the leading distributor of FDA-approved drug labeling, safety and REMS information, as well as medication adherence and product support programs. PDR delivers information to healthcare providers and their patients through a suite of print and digital services. We are pleased to be able to offer this service to our health care provider customers and to their patients.

    Q. How Can PDR Offer These Discounts? (This Seems Too Good To Be True)

    PDR is partnering with BioScrip PBM Services, LLC, a nationally recognized Pharmacy Benefit Manager and Prescription Drug Discount Plan, to provide the best services possible for our healthcare provider customers and patients. BioScrip negotiates with pharmacies nationwide so that PDR can provide discounts for patients using the PDR Pharmacy Discount Card.

    Q. How Long Has PDR Been Offering The Pharmacy Discount Card?

    We started offering a PDR Pharmacy Discount Card Program in 2012 and have enhanced it for 2014.

    Q. What Happens To The Patient's Data?

    Patient data is protected under HIPAA. PDR does not see patient data on individual users.

    PDR Pharmacy Discount Card Features And Benefits

    Q. What Type Of Discount Can I Expect?

    Discounts vary based on several factors including the type of prescription and the individual's situation. Not all prescriptions are eligible for a discount, but patients using the PDR Pharmacy Discount Card save an average of 38% on their prescription medicine costs: 25 – 75% Savings on Generics, 5 – 20% Savings on Brands.

    Q. How Much Do Patients Typically Save?

    Most but not all prescriptions are eligible for a discount. While discounts will not apply to every prescription, the savings really do add up the more the patients use the card. FOR EXAMPLE: With just 10 prescriptions with savings, and an average discount of $20, the patient's total savings would be $200.

    Q. Who Benefits From Using The PDR Pharmacy Discount Card?

    Any patient paying cash prices for their prescriptions. These can include patients who do not have pharmacy benefits, patients who have pharmacy benefits but have to pay cash prices for non formulary/excluded drugs, or in any other situation where their pharmacy benefits are more limited than the PDR Pharmacy Discount Card.

    Note: As always, please check with your pharmacy benefit administrator if you have questions about your other options

    Q. How Is The PDR Pharmacy Discount Card Different From Other Cards?

    The PDR Pharmacy Discount Card was developed to meet the needs of both our healthcare providers and their patients. Our company has developed strong relationships with physicians during the 65 years we've been providing them with core drug information products essential to prescribing and safety — including Physicians' Desk Reference®.

    Q. Is there a PDR Pharmacy Discount Card app?

    PDR's Pharmacy Discount Card is available on both Apple and Android devices. At the pharmacy, the cardholder needs only to show their mobile card account numbers to the pharmacist and ask for their PDR discount then and every time they fill a prescription. Get more information and download the app.

    Discount Card Eligibility

    Q. Which Prescription Drugs Are Included?

    Most, but not all FDA-approved brand and generic prescription medications are eligible for a discount. As with similar programs, the exact discount may vary somewhat over time and may also vary depending on which pharmacy you use. The best recommendation is to put the PDR Pharmacy Discount Card on file at you pharmacy and ALWAYS ask for "the PDR Discount."

    Note: As always, please check with your pharmacy benefit administrator if you have questions about your other options

    Q. Can A Patient Use The Card If He Or She Is Not A U.S. Citizen?

    Anyone can use the card to obtain discounts on their prescriptions if they present it at a participating Pharmacy in the United States, including Puerto Rico, Guam, and Virgin Islands. PDR does not receive any personal information about any of the patients who use the PDR Pharmacy Discount Card. So you can feel confident in asking for your PDR Discount.

    Ordering PDR Pharmacy Discount Cards

    Q. How Can I Get (More) PDR Pharmacy Discount Cards?

    There are two ways:

    1. Print cards on demand
    2. Download the Pharmacy Discount Card mobile app

    Getting The PDR Discounts At The Pharmacy

    Q. Which Pharmacies Accept The Card?

    More than 60,000 pharmacies in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands participate in this program, including the large national retail drugstore chains, as well as the smaller independent community drug stores.

    If you want to see if a specific pharmacy participates in our program, your patients can look it up using our pharmacy locator tool. A list of participating chains includes:

    • CVS
    • Rite Aid and Eckerd
    • Kroger
    • Target
    • Publix
    • Albertson's
    • Walgreens, Happy Harry & Duane Reade
    • Walmart
    • Safeway and Affiliates
    • SuperValu
    • Other Major chains
    Q. Do Discounts Vary By Pharmacy?

    Yes, discounts and net prices for prescriptions may vary somewhat by pharmacy, by region of the country and other factors. Therefore, the discounts provided by the PDR Pharmacy Discount card may also vary somewhat by pharmacy. Also, drug prices fluctuate and discounts are continually being updated as the rates with the pharmacies are being renegotiated.

    Q. What If The Card Does Not Provide A Discount For One Of My Prescriptions?

    Occasionally, there will be circumstances where the PDR Pharmacy Discount Card will not provide a discount on a given medication. The patient should make their purchase the way they would ordinarily have done without the card. However, they should ask for the PDR Discount for their other medications since discounts may very well be available for those medications. In addition, they should continue to check every time they fill any medication since available discounts change.

    Terms of Service

    This discount plan is NOT insurance or a Medicare prescription drug plan. The plan is not intended as a substitute for insurance and does not meet creditable coverage requirements under state or federal law. The plan provides discounts at participating pharmacies on certain pharmaceutical supplies, prescription drugs, or medical equipment and supplies. The range of discounts will vary depending on the products received. Members are obligated to pay the pharmacy the entire amount of the discounted rate for such products at the point of sale. The plan does not pay pharmacies for products provided to members. No enrollment or periodic fees apply. The pharmacy may pay the plan a fee from amounts the pharmacy collects from the member. The discount plan organization is ProCare Pharmacy Benefit Manager, Inc.,1267 Professional Parkway, ProCare Office Park, Gainesville, GA 30507, 1-888-299-5383. Customer service is provided by PDR, LLC., 5 Paragon Drive, Montvale, NJ 07645, 1-800-232-7379, www.pdr.net/PharmacyDiscountCard, customerservice@pdr.net.