• "Current trust​ed drug information on
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    on the clock, on call, or on vacation"

    -Salvatore Volpe MD,

    Chief Medical Officer, PDR

    For fast answers to your

    drug-related questions.

    Compare dosing and other characteristics of up to 8 drugs at once.

    Identify the nature and severity of drug interactions at a glance.

    When you have a question.

    When you're prescribing.

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    • Quick drug lookup
    • Personalize your experience by saving frequent searches and comparisons
    • Current drug information you trust from PDR
    • Drug comparison by left-right swipe
    • Drug interaction checker
    • Pill identifier

    mobilePDR® is the OFFICIAL drug information app from PDR, allowing healthcare professionals FREE access to the current drug prescribing information available. Fast and easy to use, mobilePDR employs a simple, but powerful, search tool with access to thousands of drug summaries continually updated by PDR within a week of manufacturers' updates.

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    New to mobilePDR

    Recent enhancements improve drug search and add robust content.

    • Broader coverage of available brands and formulations on the market
    • Search using detailed drug classes to compare drugs
    • Descriptions give a brief summary of the medication including class, uses, major warnings
    • Thorough indications, dosing and administration section which may also include additional information such as clinical trial experience
    • Detailed contraindications and precautions sections
    • Adverse reactions are categorized by severity and have the onset and incidence rates noted
    • Drug names linked to a drug interaction checker with the ability to easily check for multiple interactions
    • Inclusion of information for discontinued drugs post- discontinuation
    • References to clinical practice guidelines and clinical trial experience

    Top 5 Reasons to Use mobilePDR

    Fast, One-Tap Access to Powerful Drug Look-up

    Fast, One-Tap Access to Powerful Drug Lookup

    Save valuable time finding quick answers to your drug-related questions when you open the app and begin typing directly into the search tool.

    • Search by brand, generic or pharmacologic class name
    • Auto-completion as you type helps mitigate errors and increase accuracy
    • Personalize your experience:
      • Tap to access your recently searched drugs
      • Save searches for your frequently prescribed drugs

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    "Frequently search for drugs to get dosing, uses (occasionally - usually I already am somewhat familiar but sometimes pt comes in with new med from consultant and it's helpful to look up meds to learn about them)"

    "There's not a day that I am practicing medicine where I don't have to search for the correct dosing of a drug."

    "[In the] ED. Looking up specifics on some of the patients' meds"

    "A feature I really liked is when you start typing a medication it gives suggestions to click on which saves time"

    "Sometimes have to search for drugs/dosages to start pts on meds I don't usually prescribe."

    "Med look up, interactions, and drug group comparison are all essential"

    Current, Concise Drug Information from PDR

    Current, Concise Drug Information from PDR

    Keep the continually updated drug summaries you trust from the Physicians' Desk Reference always at your fingertips.

    • Prescribing information-based content is developed by PDR's team of PharmD clinicians
    • Covers thousands of drugs in active use, including:
      • All therapeutic areas
      • All types of vaccines
      • All types of biologics

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    "In my experience, ready access to this information in all settings is invaluable"

    "Need quick reliable information."

    "In every circumstance that you prescribe a drug you want to be mindful of the approved indications, as well as any potential adverse interactions among or between a group of prescribed drugs."

    "So many new drugs so little time to research them!"

    "The opportunity to enhance treatment effectiveness, minimize drug interactions, and improve functionality by saving time is a welcome desire and advantage"

    Make Informed, Patient-Centric Decisions

    Make Informed, Patient-Centric Decisions

    Compare the key characteristics of two or more drugs to make your prescribing decisions more efficiently.

    • Swiping left-right helps you quickly compare different drugs' dosing, indications, side effects, and more
    • Compare related drugs with preloaded lists available in just a couple of taps
      • Includes drugs used to treat chronic or commonly diagnosed conditions, such as insulins, diuretics and flu vaccines
    • Personalize your experience:
      • Create and save comparison combinations that you use frequently
      • Tap to quickly load saved comparisons

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    "Drug comparisons are almost always helpful since it is very rare to not have multiple choices in a therapeutic class."

    "Patient on multiple drugs. Nice to be able to compare for drug interactions before script ie. Antibiotics"

    "Our EMR has fairly robust internal resources, except compare. Compare would have been helpful in choosing a new antihypertensive in a complex patient yesterday."

    "Have often searched for alternative meds for my severe pulmonary patients looking to find generic comparables"

    "Highly beneficial to compare meds of the same or similar class as to the need for dose adjustment, avoidance of risky drug interactions and, also, contraindications."

    "Comparing ADHD meds for length of time they work and peak times"

    "The ability to compare is useful particularly with medications that I prescribe less often or in situations where I am dealing with conditions I am less familiar with."

    Detect and Prevent Potentially Harmful Drug Combinations

    Detect and Prevent Potentially Harmful Drug Combinations

    Check for interactions between two or more drugs and know at a glance when there might be a problem.

    • Color-coding immediately indicates the severity of interactions detected
    • Detailed explanations help you identify which component to adjust
    • Highlights what combinations to avoid to improve outcomes for your patients

    Tap + to read what your colleagues are saying

    "The current EHR will disallow med orders with interactions at discharge, but not always for single doses given in ER – this app may help with this deficiency"

    "Interactions are important and relatively simple presentation of them is useful (my emr lists reactions for ibuprofen with almost everything and that is not helpful!)"

    "If I'm adding another medication, I prob. want to know about drug-drug interactions."

    "Patients with more than 5 prescription medications have a higher risk for drug interactions, and many elderly patients have lists of 10 or even 20 medications to sift through, so any help with narrowing down the major drug interactions is helpful."

    "Our EHR flags drug interactions but doesn't tell us what the problem is. I often have to look up what the true significance of the interaction would be."

    "I treat a large volume of HIV patients and ARV regimens are notorious for potential drug-drug interactions. A reputable and reliable drug-drug interaction software program has always been an essential part of my practice."

    "Checking interaction is important for me as some of my patients are on anti-arrhythmic drugs that are notorious in their dangerous interactions"

    Quickly Identify Unlabeled Pills, Capsules, and Tablets

    Quickly Identify Unlabeled Pills, Capsules, and Tablets

    Identify drugs based on physical characteristics to complete drug histories and to help patients avoid confusion and mistakes.

    • Input attributes such as tablet imprint code, shape, color, or size to quickly find a match
    • Visually confirm with full-color photos

    Tap + to read what your colleagues are saying

    "Patients often can describe the shape and color of a medication, but cannot tell me which medication they are actually referring to. The pill ID helps with the communication."

    "Identifying a pill by picture is extremely useful for a busy practitioner"

    "I have elderly patients. I am often confronted with those who describe their pills by color, size, shape."

    "Patients bring pills in their own pill box and aren't sure what they are, pill in new prescription looks different than old pill (a different generic or pharmacy error?)."

    "Often have pts with OD come to the ED and we don't know what they took."

    "Report of unknown pill ingestion with fears of impending toxicity. Pill ID could be useful to reassure."

    Install now on your Apple or Android devices. Free for all US healthcare professionals. Registration required.

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