mobilePDR® is the OFFICIAL drug information app from Prescriber’s Digital Reference® (PDR®), allowing healthcare professionals FREE access to the current drug prescribing information available. Fast and easy to use, mobilePDR® employs a simple, but powerful, search tool with access to thousands of drug summaries continually updated by PDR within a week of manufacturers' updates.

Free for all US healthcare professionals. Registration required.

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New to mobilePDR®?

Recent enhancements improve drug search and add robust content.


  • Broader coverage of available brands and formulations on the market
  • Search using detailed drug classes to compare drugs
  • Descriptions give a brief summary of the medication including class, uses, major warnings
  • Thorough indications, dosing, and administration section which may also include additional information such as clinical trial experience
  • Detailed contraindications and precautions sections
  • Adverse reactions are categorized by severity and have the onset and incidence rates noted
  • Drug names linked to a drug interaction checker with the ability to easily check for multiple interactions
  • Inclusion of information for discontinued drugs post- discontinuation
  • References to clinical practice guidelines and clinical trial experience
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Top 5 Reasons to Use mobilePDR®

What Your Colleagues Are Saying

  • "Frequently search for drugs to get dosing, uses (occasionally - usually I already am somewhat familiar but sometimes pt comes in with new med from consultant and it's helpful to look up meds to learn about them)"

  • "In my experience, ready access to this information in all settings is invaluable"

  • "Our EHR flags drug interactions but doesn't tell us what the problem is. I often have to look up what the true significance of the interaction would be."

  • "Identifying a pill by picture is extremely useful for a busy practitioner"

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Free for all US healthcare professionals. Registration required.